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Dominican Community

Our history!

First we would like to inform you of  our history. We are a young foundation, a community of „Working Sisters“, that was founded by Sister Barbara M. Jager. She started  communal life with the first sisters  on Rosary Day 1954 in a small flat in Wuppertal-Barmen.

In 1956 the community was canonically confirmed by the Archbishop of Cologne. With her foundation Sister Barbara wanted to answer the need for faith in our time. She said to herself, „Many people do not come to church and cannot believe anymore; therefore we must  go to them since we have to offer the joyful message of faith in Jesus Christ and to proclaim it through our life of faith".

In this insight she saw her vocation and God's will and followed him faithfully through ups and downs. The Bishop of Cologne answered her,“Any community newly founded within the church is a gift of the Holy Spirit to the church.“


Sister Barbara was born on 5  June 1921 and died on 4 January 1999.

„She was a woman whose down-to-earth personality linked a sense of reality and profound faith  in our living God in such a way that she attracted people. It was important to her to connect life in her order with vocational life. Therefore she abstained from wearing habit.

(Quotation from her funeral address)

Lord, I need Your eyes, give me a living faith.

I need Your heart,

give me love of my fellow men in all situations.

I need Your breath,

give me Your hope

for myself and Your church

to give witness to the world,

to recognise Christians

by their bright look,

by the warmth of their hearts

and by their invincible faith,

that feeds on the secret, unfathomable

fountains of their joyful hope.


(Leon-Joseph Suenens, Bishop of Brussels)